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 The 3rd Tuckerman album
« Oct 27, 2022 16:06:37 GMT via mobile » -

It's probably not too far away. To say it will be here by the end of the year might be a little ambitious but I've already got 10 tracks either done, or very close to being done, and I've got the music for at least another 6 or 7. There's one more track I want to bring to life but all I have is the title and few lyrics.

As a little bit of a teaser, some of the tracks that are done...

So Here We Go (Again)
Bullet Holes
He Man's Skin
It's A Quackscene!
A Fun Day On The Helicopter
Lola's Boneyard
On A Tiny Screen In Front of Me

There's also a cover of a track from 1962, and a rework of a song from one of my previous EPs.

Really looking forward to putting this out and getting feedback from 3 people.

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 The 3rd Tuckerman album
« Oct 28, 2022 15:39:16 GMT via mobile »

Will be happy to put the official press release out to the Soapy’s loyal Twitter followers nearer the time assuming I remember to log in.

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