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 Top 10 BDI
« Jun 9, 2021 7:50:44 GMT »

No particular order:

Four Letter Word
Bring The Light
Flick Of The Finger
Second Bite of The Apple
Off At The Next Exit
Iz Rite
Evil Eye
In The Bubble With A Bullet
The Morning Son
The World's Not Set In Stone

Honorable mentions:
The Roller
For Anyone
Soul Live (well, the live version that solo Liam was doing live where it was beefed up)

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 Top 10 BDI
« Jun 9, 2021 11:28:57 GMT »

Got 12:

Off at the next exit
Back after the break
Evil Eye
Shine a light
Start anew
For anyone
Four letter word
Flick of the finger
In the bubble with a bullet
Beat goes on
Ballroom figured
I'm just saying

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 Top 10 BDI
« Jun 9, 2021 14:58:57 GMT »

1. Four letter word
2. The roller
3. Three ring circus
4. Flick of the finger
5. Sons of the stage
6. In the bubble with a bullet
7. Soon come tomorrow
8. Bring the light

Can't get to 10, mainly because I can't remember 75% of the 2nd album.

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