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wow, yall really made a thread about my music

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 Hello Whirled - mad bandcamp cunt, or the son of Pollard
« Jun 5, 2021 3:56:41 GMT »

1. i dont really have a songwriting "method", although i write the music first 99% of the time. i'm noticing that the 4 projected 2021 albums will all have "rules" behind them, a growing trend in my recording process. the last album i made without a guiding thread was falling short of heaven, which i was kind of disappointed of in the time.

2. i write one album at a time. some songs get held over but those get re-recorded. "easily entertained" from no victories, for instance, was written for atlantic witchcraft.

3. according to my profile ( i've played live 13 times since october 2017. i don't really like performing all that much since i'm shit at memorizing lyrics (lyrics are the most trivial/important part of every HW song) and no live version could ever be as good as the recording. fun fact: i've played 96 different songs live (13 covers). only 2 songs have been played 3 times and they were within the same semester of college (spring 2018, i was a freshman). i have a set slated for a thing in July that will probably include some songs i've played before, but will also have new stuff.

4. i also put a cap on how old i'll acknowledge my work. the 3rd album of this year is meant to try and challenge that but generally i have a rule that anything released before 2019 is effectively non existent unless a 2019-now version exists as well. also, i have a song with over 2000 plays on spotify that i refuse to play. if anyone asks me to play it, i play a guided by voices song instead.

5. so fuckin many. if i did one from every album 2019 to now (knowing that every year of HW has all-time greats), it could look like

Contact Dream

Piss Track

Blanket Alienation

Run From Heaven

They Call For You

Burn The Flower


Pipe Dream Baby

Former Island

The Way It Is

Bonus Track: Bloodletting (Demo)
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mid season?! you've listened to 5 things out of 100! you haven't even left 2016!
Oh, you haven't seen his Around the World with Mahoney in Alphabetical Order thread!
He stops at B...when he realises the next 20 would be shithole countries.

okay I'll keep the thread going with a few questions so the guys can catch a break 

So Whirlz, how can you be so prolific, what's your secret? Do you have a songwriting method? Do you have certain steps/rules that you follow?

A lot of people we know write songs and then hold on until they have enough to release an album. But you seem to think of "albums" rather than you don't sit down and write a sit down and write a full release (album, ep etc)...would this be correct?

Do you play live often (of course in normal conditions, not under covid-19)? How do you pick your setlist?
My favourite songwriter ever - Jason Molina - would go on stage and play songs that he had written that afternoon...does that happen to you as well?
He would also get mad if people requested songs that were older than a number of years...god bless him.

If you had to release a Best of Hello Whirled, what songs would go on it?

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 Hello Whirled - mad bandcamp cunt, or the son of Pollard
« Jun 13, 2021 9:39:59 GMT »

I've just read this thread for the first time, I know it's a lazy and obvious comparison to make, I also can't remmeber what song it was but it instantly reminded me of R Stevie Moore

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